Behind the scenes of the barker photoshoot

We’ve recently unveiled our brand new website, which has been part of a big project going on behind the scenes to take barker into a new chapter.

To really bring our story to life, we have also created a video that we hope you will all enjoy. The shoot has provided us with the opportunity to tell a story through imagery and videography that captures the essence of the barker brand and how our services and products can enrich the lives of others.

The story kicks off following a couple, which later reveals that they are married with a child.
The overriding message is – that they have kept their marriage alive through the gift of time. Barkers services have enabled them to re-charge on their own, spend time together as a couple and family, whilst the barker products have given them the small luxuries in life to love their home, and cherish those important moments with the family.

The story underpins the barker brand messages to ‘live your life, love your home and make your mark’.

You may have already spotted our new images and the video on our social media channels. In the meantime, here are some of the photos taken on the day, going behind the scenes…

We would like to give special thanks to the following who helped made this happen!…

Banque and Bohem for the use of their bar and for their kind hospitality
The Hilton Hotel Bournemouth and their extremely kind Marketing Manager Felix for letting us take over the spa with 5 minutes notice!
Gordon and Connie Mackenzie for the use of their stunning property and all the coffees, teas and cake for the crew
The cast and crew for your amazing patience and professionalism
Nick Free Photography for the awesome photography
Love and Light productions for the final delivery