Cherish the Dress

‘Trash the dress’ was a trend, which began in 2001 and is often credited to Las Vegas photographer John Michael Cooper, who is renowned his ‘anti-bridal’ images. This trend is about photographing the bride in contrasting environment from traditional wedding photography. There have also been some brides who go for the more extreme option of quite literally trashing the dress which can include splattering it with paint or setting it on fire.

For some, trashing the dress is a step too far. Wedding dresses can be an expensive investment and reflect hours of painstaking work by the designer, not to mention an important part of a really special day. Which is why brides are now instead choosing to ‘cherish the dress’.

This is an opportunity for the bride to wear her dress again and create images that can be treasured. It doesn’t necessarily have to be straight after the wedding either. It can be a great way to keep that wedding glow several weeks after or even mark the one-year anniversary.

During your photoshoot, you can relax. Unlike the wedding day itself, you will be free from the stress and pressures that the big day can bring, since you get to focus on just yourself and your beloved. Cherish the dress is all about having the time as newly-weds, creating memories and simply being together, whilst also capturing your wedding dress in its full glory.

The beauty of a ‘cherish the dress’ photoshoot is that you can choose any location. So, if you have a particular place in mind which is special to you or even just that you really love, you can have your photos taken there. And, like any other sophisticated photoshoot, you can have your hair and makeup done, and even perfected between shots, to ensure you look your absolute best.

So, before you pack away your dress for storage, relive the emotion of your wedding day and cherish the dress. For inspiration, take a look at the photos below featuring brides who have done exactly that.

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Photo Credits: Dave Greaves Photography, Katie Mortimore Photography, Steve Wood, Picshore Photography