How to add texture to your home


A great way to update your home and breathe new life into your interior is by adding depth in the form of texture. Without texture, a room can look flat and lack warmth, so remember not to overlook this essential part of your interior décor.


How bold or subtle you go, is up to you – from natural materials to high gloss and brilliant brights, there are numerous ways to make texture work for you. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.


Layer it Up


A really easy way to introduce texture, is through layers. Subtly vary the colours and fabrics, for example contrast wooden floors with sumptuous velvet or silk rugs and natural linens with woven or textured surfaces.

Get the look – Barker Collection Sovereign cushions are perfect for adding textured detail. With their intricate designs handcrafted using the finest silks, they are something special.

Chicago Tripod Floor Lamp Muted Grey And Brass -resized

Add Metallics


If you want to create texture in a more contemporary way, then opt for metallics. A metal feature can be an unusual addition – try copper or aluminium for a striking but mellow effect.

Get the look – This Chicago tripod floor lamp with muted grey and brass will make a great addition


Make a Statement


For a quick injection of colour, add visual interest with bold colours. This is one to use sparingly though – less is definitely more if you want to make the desired impact, but done well, a splash of colour against a neutral backdrop can look absolutely stunning.

Get the look – The rich colours and intricate silk work make the Emperor Collection an opulent yet subtle way to introduce texture into your home.

And finally…


Try and aim for a variation of hard, soft, rough and smooth textures to start off with and only add the same textures in certain accessories that you would normally have multiples of such as cushions, bedside tables or lighting. However even these elements can also benefit from contrasting textures too.