Kutch Embroidered Cushion Covers – Exclusively made for Barker Collection

It was the summer of 1969. Kutch, in the North Western region of India, near to the border with Pakistan, was ravaged by drought for the fourth year in a row. Food and hope were hard to find.

An amazing woman called Chanda Shroff visited Dhaneti village in Kutch to help run a free kitchen, however, the tribe’s people were proud and reluctant to accept charity. But in the exquisite hand embroidery displayed on their clothing, she saw a way to enable them to earn a sustainable and dignified livelihood.

Today the craftswomen and families of Kutch exist and continue their traditions from the proceeds of the beautiful embroidery they produce. Their skills are most effectively displayed in the amazing selection of cushions produced exclusively for Barker Collection.

I discovered these amazing people through a friend while travelling India and was amazed by their incredible zest for detail and quality. I immediately commissioned a small order which followed me back to England some three months later.

Each cushion is unique in design and will have taken one individual up to a month to embroider. So exquisite is the design and workmanship that Kutch embroidery has become sought after all over the world.

This is your opportunity to own a unique piece of Indian culture whilst knowing that every purchase is helping to sustain these amazing and peace loving people.