What your wedding dress says about you

For any bride, deciding on the dress will be one of the biggest decisions of the wedding. With so many different styles available, you can choose something that is personal to you and reflects who you are. We look at some of the most popular styles of gown and what they say about the bride wearing it.


The Lace Dress


By choosing a lace gown, you a clearly a bride who demands to be taken seriously. Lace is one of the most traditional fabrics for a wedding dress and this sets the tone for the rest of your day. Every part of your wedding, from the ceremony to the little details of the reception is meticulously planned.

Once the day itself arrives though, allow yourself to live a little. Although you want everyone to have a good day, be sure to retain your sense of self and be your own person. Try to become more assertive and self-confident and learn to say ‘no’. Remember, it’s your day too, remember this for married life too.


Image Credit: Ellis Bridals


The Modern Dress


Never one to stick to tradition or stick to the rules, you are fashion forward, cutting edge, and glamorous. A bride that opts for a modern dress clearly knows exactly what they want and makes no apologies for who they are. What you see is what you get.


Having a dress that captures your style and reflects your sense of individuality is extremely important to you. Throughout both the wedding planning and your marriage, you will have clear ideas about what you want. Although your wedding day is important, you are excited about married life and will already be making plans for your future together.


Image Credit: Julie Vino


The Fairy-tale Dress


If you want to feel like a princess on your wedding day, this is the dress for you. The fairy-tale dress is perfect for the bride who knows exactly what she wants. If you want to feel amazing and wow your crowd, this dress will boost your confidence as you walk down the aisle. The fairy-tale dress will ensure you are centre of attention and so you should be. Just ensure that the dress doesn’t over take the wedding, and your Fairy God Mother is close by to keep you in check. Your happy ever after is just around the corner after all.


Image Credit: Weddings Eve


The Fishtail Dress


The fishtail dress is the epitome of a confident, alluring and sophisticated bride. If you know who you are inside and out, this is your dress. A bride that wears this style of gown will ooze sex appeal, so be sure to stay understated and wear it with grace and elegance.


You are a perfectionist, so ensure that you relax and let go of that side of you so that you can enjoy your wedding day. The same applies to your marriage: taking some of the pressure off yourself will help you focus on creating a powerful partnership with your husband to be.


Image credit: Hitched

Whatever dress you choose, you will celebrate one of the most amazing and special days of your life. At the end of your wedding, your dress will tell a thousand stories. Whether it is splattered with mud on the train, has grass stains from dancing barefoot in the gardens or wine marks thanks to an overzealous dance with glass in hand. Barker bridal are on hand afterwards using years of expertise to restore your dress to pristine condition.

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